Week 23 -We are moving forward

Last week was my week of silence….. Well it happened in a different form as being a mother, wife, business coach, health coach I found this extremely challenging on a verbal application.  However I went silent with my opinions, my thoughts, my teaching.  What an amazing realization!  As I began this process I was very aware of the thousands of opinions, and thoughts and things that I felt I NEEDED to make the listener hear.  In the end….. I learnt so much and guided individuals in conversation to find their truths and guide their decisions with just listening and asking questions to help them ask themselves the questions.  I only felt LOVE and became detached from my exceptions and self fear of not being understood.  It was very freeing.

Where this was the stongest was in my relationship with my 16 year old daughter.  She was very unsettled about my change, however as the week went on she became happier and I could see her becoming more confident in her own thoughts.  It was the greatest experience.

I will continue……



week 21 &22 – NEW ME!

“Universal existences can be likened and compared to particular ones, for both are subject to one natural order, one universal law, and one divine arrangement. For instance, you will find the smallest atoms to be similar in their general structure to the greatest entities in the universe…”Abdu’l-Baha

These last two weeks have been about healing and also reflecting on what I have been doing in the last 22 weeks of my MKMMA experience.  My concussion was a gift that has given me the permission to reflect and adjust my DMP as well as practicing forgiveness.  I have always been a very forgiving person with great understanding and compassion for others, however I have forgotten to apply this virtue to myself.  I have always expected beyond greatness from myself. It has been the one thing that has block me from true success and growth.

What does this mean with regards to my DMP?  A very strong list of many future accomplishments, all that I love and will manifest. However I need to focus on one major accomplishment while holding the others in my productive mind.  I have now recognized and am feeling free of the bondage I created by expecting that I HAD to do all that I wrote in my DMP right now every day.

That was my ego, thinking I had to control any and all of these activities.

The result in the last three weeks when I forgave myself and let go of the control of my list.  I let it go!!! I release you so that I can be the best that I can be and you can be the best that you can be.”  I release all the obligations to bring others with me and chose to let others decide and move in the direction they wish.  The result:  I had five new customers come to me, with no effect on my part.  Amazing!


I can now focus on my writing, my book that I know will lead me to the success and result of all the other goals I have on my list.  Again… we are more powerful then we know.”

All things are in motion and as we use the power of thought and emotions while in rest or meditation we are creating the pathways of success and growth.  As we move to this level of pace of grace all that is needed comes to us.  The thoughts make us prepare to be able to see and accept these action steps to move us to our goals.  We can accept the growth or (as we are told the state of discomfort means growth) because we have experienced it in our meditation.  We have felt the emotions in our body and our body moves forward in memory.  It becomes easy and automatic because we have created the reality with our thoughts. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable once created in our bodies it becomes our nature because we have grown.  The joy is that it feels wonderful and very fulfilling.

Next:  This next week I will walk in silence and listen to all around me and observe this process.  I am sure to learn a great deal.  “We must let go of the life we planned to experience the life intended for us.”

To be continued……..



Have an awesome week!


weeks 18-20: Concussion

Hello again:  I went away for a couple of weeks.  I got a concussion which took me a week to put all the pieces together and discover that I actually injured my brain pretty badly.  Ah another lesson for me to learn from, funny thing this is so true.  As I was emerging from my fog I continued my sit and realized that there is a great deal of learning within this concussion.  I had to cancel almost all my activities.  I had to go very quite and slow way down, sleep more and be patient and lovely of my present situation.

This got me thinking about healing and how to access my subby and call it to action to heal.  It has been a very challenging situation as the old subby was fighting to re emerge and was loud and persistent.  So I stopped, went to a place of acceptance and loved my brain as it was in the moment.  I stopped fighting my slow disfunction and just let it be.  While I was in my meditation I felt as if my mind opened and clarity took over.  It is like the deeper you go into your acceptance  your body gives you signals , you actually receive gifts from inside yourself, like quick sand into your brain.  Once you receive these signals you have to believe and let go of the chatter and move forward with the steps you are receiving.  The answer and solutions come from the action of believe.

This week will be spending more time catching up with my learning at a pace of grace and with love for my present process.

Excited to catch up!!

Week – 17 We are More powerful then we can imagine

A Gift for you all:


Permission:  We all have the divine right to be filled with joy and be free of all the limitations we put on our minds.  As I shift people around me struggle with my change, it is as if they don’t want me to grow the improve.  However the stronger I am the more loving I stay and the clearer I become on my true integrity the mirror shines on them and they have no choice but to look into the mirror and face the face that is looking back at them.  They see themselves and the change they need to make.

My Virtue of the week is discipline: Train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.

I love this definition as it is the habit that is the proof of discipline.  An area in my life that is a continuous state of growth, but through this process I am improving and finding it easier and easier every day to manifest discipline in all I do.  Exercise, eating healthy, my focus on MKMMA and now the focus of starting my certification class. Love the growth and wake up with gratitude and positive thoughts to start my day with Power.

Week – 16 The Power of Virtues

Kindness:  The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

A Story about Virtues and what I experienced:

When my daughter was 6 years old and in her first year of school I notice a huge lack of recognition to the good in children and to much focus on the mischief makers.  My daughter who was use to working on virtues everyday with a spiritual practice of reading one every morning and at night three examples of how she used that morning virtue during her day, would come home after school very frustrated and confused about the behaviors of her peers.  Not having the words I begin to realize is was a lack of focus on virtues.  One day I was at her school and the teacher came to me and said she noticed something different about my daughter.  She was very calm and kind and always trying to see the good in others.  I told the teacher about my virtue practice every day.  She was so excited that the whole school implemented the same steps and including pictures of virtuous acts throughout the day with the children and placed them on the walls of the school .  This practice is still happening today in this school.

Week 14-15 Reflection

I found these last two weeks rushed and difficult to stay on track.  The many to dos found me beginning to feel overwhelmed and I needed to stop and reflect on what it was I was learning and what it is have changed and developed.  Along with MKMMA I have a spiritual practice of praying and reading the Holy writings twice daily.  I found that my spiritual practice is the action steps of MKMMA.  So I spent my two weeks reflecting on my choices and am I happy with these choices and most importantly are they taking me in the direction of my capacity.  This has been answered with the question I asked people about what they had seen in me over the last few months.  Being told that you walk in integrate with your goals and have a deep understanding of the human experience was one of those answers.

I am so pleased to wake and feel the transformation within.  MKMMA has been measuring, monitoring practice of accountability to myself.  What I see is the mountain ahead of me turning into molehills.  Attainable and reachable.  One step at a time…. one does not need to climb the mountain in a day but rather look deeply at the processes and enjoy the daily transformation.    When we look at ourselves within ourselves we cannot always see the growth.  We are looking to closely , but others can see and share that we have grown and it is well worth our time to continue.


Week-13 Finding a Pace of Grace

I had an interesting conversation with my daughter this evening as I sit and try to catch up with digital connection, which I have gotten so far behind.  It is 11:12pm and she was frustration with me not going to bed earlier as she has been watching me struggling with keeping up with all I do.  She knows I wake up at 7:30am and do not stop all day and then finds me late at night trying to catch up.

She informed me that I always say ” I am so busy and I do everything around here……” My heart sank as I realized this was my old blueprint raising its head at times of stress.

Although it is true sense I started MKMMA I have gotten very busy and at times very frustrated as I cannot duplicate myself.  At the same time we lost a caregiver for our girls and now my husband and myself are the primary caregivers, which in itself is a full time job.

However I am also enjoy this process and it is an catalyst for me accomplishing what I need to accomplish in my life.

So this brings me back to “A Pace of Grace”  A virtue that I have worked on for year and  is essential to my well being.  All is in right order and I do not have to rush or feel rushed to be at a certain place at any time.  What is important is that I am moving forward everyday with intention and I am setting boundaries in my life as to not to get to the place of frustration and allow my old blueprint to sneak up on me. I wake every morning with gratitude for what I have already accomplished and for what I endure and I am living the life of my dreams I am just not done dreams and creating yet.

I am honored to be a part of MKMMA and I will continue as I continue to transform my self into what God has given me as my capacity.  I walk and live in prayer and I practice the divine virtues as I work towards my personal best.

This Year is sweet “16” and I will reflect on what things were like when I was 16 years old.  To be shared next blog!!!

Happy Holiday Season to you all and a Happy New Year!

Week 12 – Good-Better-Best

This progression is taking us from good-better-best!!

I love affirmations! I can dig into this action step with joy and excitement.  I have been doing affirmations for years and this is taking it to the next level.

I was feeling completely overwhelmed two days ago as I was feeling very behind in my MKMMA work.   However I just finished this webinar and feel like I can make it all work again.  I am so busy because of the success and results of the MKMMA processes.  For this I am very excited, it does not mean it is easy and all a flat road but rather it is up and down hills and valleys. As I reflect over the last couple of weeks I have changed and am more positive, happier, excited about the decisions that are emerging from my state of meditation and now the action steps I am taking to make them happen.  Doing a little bit every day and using the mind set of crowding out.  I have been able to release many habits that were not serving me and are now result producing activities.  This week has been about OATS and TIME MANAGEMENT.   I am teaching it and doing it and finding great comfort in visualizing my action steps on paper.  To be a good leader one must first be a great follower.

I am focused the next two weeks on completing all my tasks with MKMMA and put in place the action steps for my next year of classes with my Holistic Health Coaching Training.

Yesterday I was good, day I am better and tomorrow I will be my Best!!

Week 10 & 11- Spotted Clouds

“I am whole, prefect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy”

I start with this prefect affirmation as it has been my guiding light for the past two weeks.  I feel like I am fighting this process.  My subby wants nothing more then to be left alone to do what it wants. However with that said.  I am full of love and joy, I am enjoying this time in my life more then I have in a very long time.  I am changing and my mind is undergoing a transformation that I did not see coming.  I find myself struggling with  my old dreams and desires and I being more content with a simple life.  My old ambitious self is dying and a new content and enjoying the moment is emerging.  Now I know that I have to keep moving forward with my business but I believe the process is going to look very different from my present DMP.  I keep checking in to be sure its not another excuse that my subby is sneaking in.  So it is at this moment, my decision to keep moving forward at a pace of grace and leaning to do the important things in a balanced and loving way.

I find I have a long way to go in perfecting the exercises and I am trusting as I do better more light will shine through the spotted clouds that pop up and I will have a clearer understanding of what is worthy.  I may end up changing my DMP.


I like to measure my progress in 10 year blocks.  If I look back and see what has changed I am pleased as I see with clarity and I see my growth.

I will persistent and I will succeed!

Week 9 -The Power of Thought

“I am whole, prefect,strong, powerful, harmonious and happy”

Working on this one very important transformation has been a 15 year journey for me.  When I first became aware of the power of thought I was very sick and caring for my twin girls with Rett syndrome as well as two other well children.  At this point my girls were 10 years old and it became very clear that what I was dreaming for myself was not in line with my present reality.  We lived in a three level home and I was pregnant with our last child.  I could no longer lift my girls as they did not walk. We needed to find a home that would work for our unique family.  It did not exist, we did not have the money to build it so we begin to imagine it.   We found a home that I called a “money Pit” and my husband saw a home.  It was the right place but not in its present condition.  As we lived in the home we focused on what we wanted to create.  15 years later we created a beautiful home with all that we needed to support our girls and our family.  Money would show up when needed to make the changes in ways I never had imagined it would.  I just believed and moved forward as if it was done.  We still need a deck and ramp for my girls to enjoy the back yard but for the most part we have a home that works for their needs like no other home I have seen.   We discovered a picture that was with us from our first small apartment in South Africa.  This is a much longer story but to keep it short.  The property and house were exactly what we had envisioned 25 years earlier.  Large home with a maple tree-lined driveway.


This power of thought!

7 years ago I put it to work on my health.  I am growing younger every day.  My daily affirmation ” I am healthy and make good choices.”  With Master Key I find myself returning to the dream I thought I had to let go of to support my girls and family.  I used my thought to work in all aspects of my life but myself and my dreams.  As a result of this transformation in the last two weeks I have thrown out my PPN.  I have changed it to “true Health” instead of helping others.  I know that through true health I will ultimately help others far greater than before.  It has so inspired me that I enrolled in a certification class as a Holistic Health Coach this week to continue to reach my goals.

Now don’t think its all prefect, this is a process.  I still have much to learn with discipline and follow through, but I feel more alive and clearer than last week.  I was moving towards walking away until I realized I  needed to move just a little over.  Amazing!

To end, this process is the aligning of my authentic self and my soul and then we create true service to humanity.